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PRO Backstop til hockeymål. The ACON Wave PRO Backstop net is a heavy duty galvanized steel-frame backstop net.

The product is unfortunately out of stock. :(

Artikkelnummer: PRO BACKSTOP
Leverandør: Acon

PRO Backstop net for ice hockey goals

High-quality Ezgoal Backstop net comes with a durable and sturdy frame. The EZgoal Backstop net is compatible with standard sized ice hockey goals. 

The backstop net is suitable for on and off-ice practice. The net helps to keep pucks in the training area and provides more security, especially when training outdoors.

The net material of EZ Pro Backstop is UV protected and lasts outdoors in different weather conditions. The backstop net has been designed to be easily attachable and compact to store. The ice hockey goals are sold separately.