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Lizard Skins DSP Hockey Grip Grip Tape

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Lizard Skins DSP Hockey Grip Grip Tape

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Artikkelnummer: ROCKETGRIP RØD
Leverandør: Lizard Skin

Advanced Durasoft Polymer Design: The Lizard Skins DSP Hockey Grip Tape isn't just another grip tape. It's the culmination of innovation and dedication to providing players with the best. Crafted using an exclusive Durasoft Polymer (DSP), this grip tape delivers unparalleled stick feel, tackiness, and overall comfort. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, the tactile experience of this grip is set to redefine your game.

Long-Lasting Protection for Your Gear: Hockey can be intense, and the regular wear and tear on glove palms can be a concern for many players. With the Lizard Skins DSP Hockey Grip Tape, you can put those worries to rest. Its unique material not only offers a superior grip but also significantly reduces the wear and tear on glove palms. Your gear will thank you!

Perfect Fit for Every Player: No two players are the same, and the Lizard Skins DSP Hockey Grip Tape understands that. Its design ensures a universal fit for any hockey stick, without adding any noticeable thickness. At a mere 0.5 millimeters thick, players can maintain the natural feel of their stick's shaft, akin to traditional tape but with superior benefits.

A Professional Finish Every Time: Every player dreams of that professional touch to their gear. The Lizard Skins DSP Hockey Grip Tape ensures this with every application. Each package comes with a top cap application that covers the exposed shaft end and "finishing tape" that provides an area for players to neatly write their jersey number. The result? A clean, professional look that stands out on the ice.

Simple and Seamless Application: Installation is a breeze. Players don't need to spend any extra time compared to applying traditional tape. Simply remove the adhesive backing of the top cap, place it on the shaft, and follow with the grip tape. If you prefer certain customizations like a small nob or spiraling finger grooves, the Lizard Skins grip can be applied right over it. Elevate your game effortlessly.